Bowie Ticket Furore



NEWS OF David Bowie’s five concerts in early June has generated an unprecedented demand for tickets which, says promoter Harvey Goldsmith, far exceeds any previous shows with which he has been associated – even surpassing the clamour for Rolling Stones tickets last year.

Within 24 hours of the dates being announced – London Wembley Arena (June 2-4) and Birmingham NEC (5-6) over 120,000 applications had been received, and that in itself is a record. By last weekend, that number had been trebled, and at press time sacks of mail were still pouring in by every post. So NME’s forecast last week, that at least nine out of ten applicants would be disappointed, appears to be totally justified.

Bowie himself is said to be concerned that so many people will be unable to obtain tickets for the existing concerts. And because of this incredible furore his official spokesman admitted this week – for the first time – that these will not be Bowie’s only dates in Britain.

The exact nature of any follow-up appearances hasn’t yet been determined – officially, at any rate – but it seems virtually certain that a massive open-air concert is the logical answer to the problem. And it’s known that Bowie’s promoters are already scouring the country for suitable locations.

One of the recognised sites – like Castle Donington, Knebworth or Blackbushe – could be chosen. But in view of Bowie’s fascination for the unorthodox, a complete new rock venue is equally on the cards, and a famous racecourse has been mentioned as a distinct possibility.

If and when this unique event occurs, when will it be?


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  1. Eva-Maria Hamann

    I remeber so as it is yesterday – the song we danced the night in Munic Bowie-Disco away….styled like him – and the magig 1984 was soooo far in Future….my feeling did not change since that early Fan-times…As the artice is from 1983 – now past…but it was guiding my life

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