A Charity Performance for the Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent

Official Press Release by Mr. Courtney Laws, Director of the Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association

30th June 1983

     “We are deeply grateful to David Bowie for his wonderful gesture in agreeing to perform in this charity concert for the benefit of the Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association. David Bowie has always been highly regarded for his outstanding musical talents but in showing his genuine concern for the plight of the underprivileged in Brixton he has now demonstrated that he has a high sense of social responsibility.

Accordingly, the Association welcome David Bowie’s humane and compassionate interest in our work and his enlightened and practical support. The Association works tirelessly with limited resources to improve the quality of life of one of the more depressed and deprived areas of Britain. The specific objectives of the Association are to foster and improve community relations, to encourage the community to identify, mobilise and use its own resources and to break down any feelings of isolation of the community and its members through mediation and consultation with the wider community and its institutions. To achieve these ends, the Association provides free advice and counselling services (both on legal and social matters), operates a social action centre, a youth centre and a senior citizens group. The Association also encourages and participates in a number of training and further education courses and programmes.

With the assistance of the monies derived from this benefit concert, we believe that much progress can be made in fulfiling the goals and objectives of the Association for the ultimate long-term benefit of the community and its inhabitants.”

Mr. Courtney Laws
Director – The Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association

Special thanks to:
The Serious Moonlight Tour ’83 Production Crew and Staff
Harvey Goldsmith Entertainments Staff
Hammersmith Odeon

     “The Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association, a charitable organisation established in 1972, aims to advance and encourage the education and training of the inhabitants of Lambeth and to provide recreation and leisure facilities for the community without distinction of race, sex, age, politics or religious opinions. The Association is funded by central and local government as well as by voluntary donations. There are fourteen full-time members of staff but there are also a large number of volunteer workers. The Association works closely within the community, visiting old people, the disabled and the housebound and also establishes close links with local employers and encourages and participates in youth training programmes to alleviate the problems of unemployment.

The Association runs a legal advice centre and also provides a counselling service so that the local inhabitants can seek advice on such matters as poor housing and other social and welfare problems. There are, presently, plans to establish a housing trust which it is hoped would help to alleviate the housing problems in the borough of Lambeth. A day community centre was recently opened by H.M. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, and the Association also provides recreational and educational facilities for young people and has, on occasion, made arrangements for exchange visits with children from Brixton Hill in Jamaica.”

Mr. Courtney Laws has been the director of the Association since the charity was founded and has lived in Lambeth for twenty-five years. Of David Bowie’s decision to play a benefit concert specifically for the Association, Mr. Laws commented: “I was a firm David Bowie fan before the news came through. Now I am an even bigger fan. We are very, very pleased that he has offered to do the concert for us… it is a wonderful gesture. It will boost the morale of the whole community round here. The money raised will be spent on projects for the young and old. For everyone in the area”.

David Bowie who was born in Stansfield Road, Brixton, recently said “I left Brixton when I was still quite young, but that was enough to be very affected by it. It left strong images in my mind. The idea of this charity show was to contribute something concrete to the Brixton community which has had its unfair share of heartbreak over the past few years.”


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One response to “A Charity Performance for the Brixton Neighbourhood Community Association in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent

  1. The Fan

    I attended this event. It was amazing. Good shout

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