David Bowie’s own notes on ‘Hunky Dory’

by David Bowie

ca. 1972

Changes – This album is full of my changes and those of some of my friends.

Pretty – The reaction of me to my wife being pregnant was archetypal daddy – Oh he’s gonna be another Elvis. This song is all that plus a dash of sci-fi.

Eight – The city is a kind of high-life wart on the backside of the prairie.

Life On Mars – This is a sensitive young girls reaction to the media.

Kooks – The baby was born and it looked like me and it looked like Angie and the song came out like – if you’re gonna stay with us you’re gonna grow up Bananas.

Quicksand – The chain reaction of moving around through out the bliss and then the calamity of America produced this epic of confusion – Anyway, with my esoteric problems I could have written it in Plainview – or Dulwich.

There is a time and space level just before you go to sleep when all about you are losing theirs and whoosh void gets you with its cacopfony of thought – that’s when I like to write my songs.

Fill – Biff Rose song.

Andy – A man of media and anti-message, with a kind of cute style.

Bob – This is how some see B.D.

Queen – A song on a Velvet Underground-Lou Reed framework s’about London sometimes.

Bewlay – Another in the series of David Bowie confessions – Star-Trek in a leather jacket.


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