“JUST A GIGOLO…” – A Song – A Story – A Film

Official Press Release

June 1978

     The biggest and most expensive German film made since the end of the War has been produced in Berlin. The LEGUAN FILM Company founded by the successful film director Rolf Thiele (“Däs Madchen Rosemarie”) put the 12-million-DM project on its feet. The American Joshua Sinclair wrote the script, a story which plays in the decadent Berlin of the Twenties. Thiele and Sinclair succeeded in enlisting the convincing Englishman David Hemmings (“Blow Up”) as director and actor, a man who works with great concentration and commitment. The soundtrack was composed by GDR composer Günther Fischer, East Berlin. The cast of international stars is impressive: Rock star David Bowie as Gigolo; Sydne Rome as his childhood friend who transforms from a working class girl into a Hollywood star; Kim Novak – widow of a general and Gigolo’s flirt; Maria Schell as his mother; Curt Jürgens as a German prince; Erika Pluhar as a fashionable member of the demi-monde; Evelyn Künneke as a female suitor; and approximately 1,000 extras.

The question mark in the cast: Back in front of the camera after 17 years, in a German production again after 40 years – Marlene Dietrich with the title song “Just A Gigolo…”. The various locations had atmosphere: The old and dilapidated nightclub ‘Lützower Lampe’, and the luxurious palace hotel Gehrhus, Cafe Wien (as if left over from 1920), genuine Berlin-Kreuzberg – Chamisso Square with its neo-baroque façades dating back to the ‘Gründerzeit’, the time of wild speculation, 1850-1900. The producers chose as cinema studios the former CCC studios, now Studios Berlin which are under the management of Hans-J. Heidenreich and offer all technical facilities. Warner Columbia will be the film distributors for Germany; ICM, Paris, will distribute the film internationally.

This great film is planned to be first shown in September 1978 in Berlin.


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