Amnesty Int. UK at The Phoenix Festival 1997

Quotes from David Bowie

4th July 1997

     “Amnesty International’s Refugee Campaign is a reminder to us as international artists, that we are part of a global community. Music is a way of connecting people all over the world from all walks of life and so it is our responsibility to send out a message that human rights abuses must not be tolerated. Music is international and the Phoenix’s Festival’s range of musicians illustrates this perfectly. Amnesty International’s work is instrumental in highlighting the inter-connection of peoples and culture around the world.” – DAVID BOWIE

“The lives of more than 15 million refugees can be improved with your help. Support Amnesty International. I support their ‘Respect Refugees’ campaign and want to encourage all those that go to the Phoenix Festival this year to check out Amnesty’s work while they’re there.” – DAVID BOWIE

“Refugee’s around the world need support and protection, and we are totally behind Amnesty’s effort to highlight the fact that in 1997 the world has over 15 million refugees. Governments worldwide have a responsibility to protect these people within their own borders, and to offer them asylum according to international law. Show some respect for refugees and respect Amnesty International.” – DAVID BOWIE


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