Bowie Morphs Into Video Game Character


12th May 1999

David Bowie has unveiled his next style transformation: He’s to become a video game character named Boz. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the rocker is teaming with longtime guitarist and collaborator Reeves Gabrels on CD-ROM game “Omikron: The Nomad Soul.” The futuristic 3-D action-adventure for the PC will be made by Eidos Interactive; it will hit stores in October.

Bowie and Gabrels worked with game developers to create original music for “Omikron,” including eight new songs that will be exclusive to the game. A virtual CD featuring the songs and music can be purchased in the game by players and taken back to play in their virtual apartment.

Bowie and his wife, supermodel Iman, also take roles in the game, in which players must place their souls into the body of someone else in order to move around the massive Omikron city. Bowie’s Boz character appears with Gabrels and bassist Gail Ann Dorsey in a virtual band that performs in several bars in the Omikron. Iman is featured as a character in the game of reincarnation.


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