Bowie’s not that afraid of Americans

by John Sakamoto / Jam Music

3rd September 1997

David Bowie will be writing and recording songs with Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor for Bowie’s next album.

“I’m happy to be saying that we’re going to be doing some recording work together next year, which we’re both pretty excited about,” Bowie said Tuesday from Bermuda, where he’s taking a breather before resuming his “Earthling” tour this Saturday in Vancouver.

“Hopefully, it’s looking good that (jungle pioneer) Goldie is going to be doing some work on it, as well. They’re two of the people who I feel are real giants at what they do.”

Reznor has also just complete four remixes of Bowie’s next single, “I’m Afraid Of Americans.”

“When Trent first got a copy of “Earthling”, he told me right at the beginning, “I’m Afraid Of Americans — that’s the song, man. Give it to me, let me remix it.’ And it’s killer, it’s absolutely fantastic,” says Bowie. “It has something very Nail-ish about it.

“It’s something I could aspire to, but not something I could come up with myself. I would always overload it with arty pretensions. He really strips it away. It’s very masculine.”

Bowie is also all over the radio on the new Puff Daddy, “Been Around The World,” which borrows a hefty chunk of Bowie’s last significant hit, “Let’s Dance.”

Contrary to published reports elsewhere, Bowie is NOT shooting a video for the song with Puff, though he’s perfectly happy with the sample (and its attendant royalties).

“I have no problem with recycling,” he says. “In fact, I kind of I pride myself on being able to re-apporpriate my own things. If it sounds good, I’ll find a way of dismantling it and restructuring it, and make it work again.

“I can’t help but think of pop, not as a disposable art but as a temporary series of structures.

“That doesn’t mean that what I’ve done doesn’t mean much to me, but maybe I hold it in a different light than others do with their own material.”

Finally, Bowie will also pop up on Neil Young’s upcoming acoustic compilation of performances from the latter’s annual Bridge School benefits. Bowie’s unplugged take on “Heroes” will be included on that release.

Here are David Bowie’s upcoming Canadian tour dates:

Sept. 6: Vancouver, Plaza Of Nations
Sept. 24: Montreal, Metropolis
Sept. 27: Toronto, Warehouse
Sept. 28: Toronto, Warehouse


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