Rock King Bowie reigns

by Geoff Baker / Birmingham Evening Post

6th June 1983

DAVID BOWIE came on stage in Birmingham last night to a standing ovation and left to the sound of thunder – as 11,000 Midlanders yelled for more.

What could be the rock event of the decade went off without a hitch as Bowie gave what many said afterwards was the most faultless performance of his career.

Touts were out in force at the National Exhibition Centre, asking up to £100 for tickets that cost £9.80 at the box office.

The touts had travelled up from London for the show. But they did not make a killing.

Fans gave them the cold shoulder and shortly before the show begun, the price of some black market tickets had fallen to £20.

“Our only problem last night was controlling the touts. There were more of them than usual and we were keen to stop them buying extras tickets,” said a spokesman for the NEC.

Around 100 extra tickets went on sale a few hours before the concert and about the same number will be available from the box office for Bowie’s concert tonight.


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