So You’re A David Bowie Fan, Are You?

Official Press Release / RCA

1st November 1996

     Well would you be interested to hear about a new single release from the Thin White Duke which only a select number of his hard core fans will ever get a chance to buy?

The title of the track is called “TELLING LIES”. It is, in fact the track that Virgin Records NYC launched exclusively on the Internet through the official David Bowie web site on the 11th Sept ’96 and has previously been totally unavailable – until now!

For strictly exclusive UK purposes, RCA are releasing “Telling Lies” as a limited edition CD and 12″. Featured are mixes by the highly acclaimed Adam F and A Guy Called Gerald which have been serviced to radio and played on Kiss FM and Radio 1’s ‘One In The Jungle’. You may have heard this track before but it needs to be stressed that this is a strictly limited edition release with only 3,500 copies being pressed.

If you want a copy of this release we suggest you get your coat on now and find a shop which has stocked it. But wait – don’t go down to your huge local chrome filled record store. In an attempt to dissuade non-Bowie fans from purchasing “Telling Lies” this release is only being sold through the smaller independent shops, a list of which you will find on the back of this letter.

Good Luck, InterAct

     If we have recorded your address details incorrectly or you know of any friends who may be interested in DAVID BOWIE information, please send their name, address and D.O.B. to us at:

David Bowie, PO Box 607, London SW6 4XR.     N.B. If you are already an InterAct member, please quote your membership number which appears above your name on the address label in all correspondence.


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