Radio Interview

The following transcript is from an interview held in 1972 between Bowie and an unknown American radio presenter. It appears to have been carried out sometime between February and April 1972.

Interviewer: Could you explain to me more in-depth about the album that’s coming out called ‘Ziggy Stardust’?

I’ll try very hard…The whole thing really started as a concept album, but it kind of got broken up because I found other songs I wanted to put in the album…which wouldn’t have fitted the story of Ziggy…so at the moment its a little fractured and a little fragmented…so what you have there on that album when it does finally come out is a story which doesn’t really take place…its just a few little scenes from the life of a band called Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars…who could feasibly be the last band on Earth – it could be even the last five years of Earth…I’m not at all sure..Because I wrote it in such a way that I just dropped the numbers into the album in any order that they cropped up. It depends in which state you listen to it in. The times that I’ve listened to it – I’ve had a number of meanings out of the album…but I always do. Once I’ve written an album – my interpretation of the numbers in that album are totally different afterwards than the time that I wrote them and I find that I learn a lot from my own albums about me.

I’d like to ask you about special versions you have recorded….Do you have a recording called “Amsterdam” – a Jacques Brel song?

(surprised) Aaah…yeah…

And a new version of “Holy Holy“?

(laughing) Where do you get that information from?

and there’s another version of “Round And Round?” Has that been dropped off Ziggy?

(laughing) Oh! You know about all of the things that are in the can!

Are there any more?

(laughing) Maybe…maybe not!

“Round and Round” – is that on Ziggy Stardust or was it dropped?

It was dropped quite honestly…Why was it dropped? Its hard to say…..

…because it would possibly spoil the concept of Ziggy?

No – “Round & Round” would have been the perfect kind of number that Ziggy would have done on stage. I think probably what happened…is that it was a jam. We jammed “Round & Round” for old times sake in the studio. The enthusiasm of the jam probably waned after we heard the track three times and we replaced it with a thing called “Starman.”

That’s going to be the single isn’t it?

Yeah…they are putting it out as a single. I don’t think it’s any great loss really… I certainly haven’t destroyed any of those tracks…I kept them all. I think that maybe we could put them out as a budget album or something at a later date…the stuff that never really got used. Because there are quite a few…there’s a thing called “Bombers” which is kind of a script on Neil Young….also its quite funny…

Is it a single…or an album?

Just one song. Now what else do we have…Do you want to know some titles…things in the can we have never released? There’s a thing called “He’s A Goldmine” (“Velvet Goldmine”). “He’s a Goldmine” is lovely.

Is it a Neil Young song too?

No…that’s David Bowie (laughing)…Its a lovely thing…But probably the lyrics are a little bit too provocative. I think they’ll keep that out for a bit….



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