Visconti Slams ‘Absurd’ Kaiser Chiefs

by Robin Murray / Clash

6th June 2011

Producer Tony Visconti has labelled Kaiser Chiefs ‘absurd’ for suggesting that they rejected lyrics from David Bowie.

Going on hiatus in 2008, Kaiser Chiefs seemed to disappear from British music. Working at their own studio in London last year, the Leeds band began patiently stockpiling subdued new material.

Collecting twenty tracks, the group unveiled their new project The Future Is Medieval’ last week. Available to download, Kaiser Chiefs have allowed fans to pick their ten favourite tracks from the material on show.

Capable of being sequenced and presented in any way they wish, ‘The Future Is Medieval’ benefited from three different producers – amongst them Tony Visconti.

Famed for his connection to David Bowie, the Visconti effect appears to have gone to the band’s heads. Speaking to the News Of The World, drummer Nick Hodgson claimed that the group had rejected lyrical aid from Bowie himself.

“Tony texted David asking for his suggestions to finish off a verse (on ‘Man On Mars’) and he came up with a couple of lines. I’m such a big Bowie fan I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they just weren’t right, so I’ve missed out on a Hodgson/Bowie writing credit. Gutted!”

Continuing, the drummer also claimed that the famously over the top Oasis album ‘Be Here Now’ was an influence. “We all know that record has loads of problems, but at least it’s got an attitude, unlike the twee and boring folk music that’s so popular at the moment”.

However Tony Visconti has immediately rejected this, labelling the quote ‘absurd’. Contacted by the NME, the producer explained that although the Bowie influence was evident on the album there was not direct contact with the artist himself.

“I have never asked David Bowie to write lyrics for the Kaiser Chiefs” he explained. “I was hired for the production job because of Nick’s obsession with Bowie and T. Rex, and I freely shared some of my production secrets with them, but that did not include getting Bowie to write lyrics for them. That is absurd.”


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