A Star called David Bowie

Music Star


    It may be that David’s given up performing live on stage, but he certainly isn’t idle, by any means. Apart from writing more fantastic material for his forthcoming albums, he has also been busy recording other artists. One of the most prominent being Lulu. Her latest single is a D.B. composition entitled ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ coupled with the backing track ‘Watch The Man’.

“I met her on my last concert tour and we started talking about the possibility of working together, although nothing concrete was arranged. However, I was keen to get something fixed up, because I really have always thought that Lulu has incredible potential as a rock singer. I didn’t think this potential had been fully realised and the nearest record she’d got to performing as a rock star was way back when she recorded ‘Shout’.

“At my party after the concert where I announced I wasn’t doing any more live performances. I met up with Lulu again and talked about recording her. We decided on ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ as being most suitable. And we’re really delighted with the end product – I think she sounds a knockout.”

How about David himself? After all, we’re always hearing talk of him appearing in films. Has he made any definite moves in the direction?

“I plan to start working on films in the early part of next year. I’m really looking forward to doing some acting. I’d taken my stage performances as far as I could go, but now I want to represent a different image to that of before. And I think I can do this through films.”

We wondered whether David might be afraid at all, that by not making appearances and generally hiding from the public’s view, was he making people forget him?

“I’m a great believer in not letting yourself get too much exposure. I think I’ve done enough work where I’ve been continually in the public eye and now I need time to do some re-thinking. I don’t feel that’s a bad thing, do you?

“To constantly dream up new ideas, I have to have rest periods. It’s a matter of re-charging batteries in a manner of speaking.”

Lately, David’s been commuting backwards and forwards between France to do some recording work. But still he refuses to fly.

“I’d rather take a longer time to get somewhere than go by plane. I still enjoy travelling, even though a lot of people in this business think it’s one of the hang-ups. I think it’s nice being able to see different people and find out about different ways of life. It heightens one’s sense of awareness, I think.”

Once upon a time David gave up his career even though he’d been incredibly successful with pop audiences. Does he invisage things getting on top of him again and once more becoming a recluse?

“I think I’ve worked out a good balance now and feel in control of my life and the influences upon me. But all in all, I don’t think it’s possible to answer your question, because how does someone know how they’re going to feel from one day to the next? No one knows what the future holds…”

One thing is for certain, if David continues to keep up the incredibly high standard of work he’s shown he is capable of, coupled with his ability for being an innovator of ideas, the road he takes must continue to lead him to bigger successes that he’s experienced before. With a star like David Bowie, there are no limits to what he can do… Just sit back and watch.


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