Bowie Named Wealthiest U.K. Rocker

by Ari Bendersky / Rolling Stone

30th October 1997

David Bowie was just named Britain’s wealthiest rock star. With a net worth of approximately $917 million, Bowie edged out Paul McCartney, who’s worth a paltry $868 million, for the top spot, according to a survey compiled by Business Age magazine.

The first two spots far outweigh the next rock star, Tom Jones, who came in at No. 3 with $459 million — $409 million less than McCartney. Earlier this year, Bowie issued bonds on Wall Street for future earnings on his back catalog, earning him an additional $55 million for that transaction alone.

All the musicians who grace the Top 10 are men; there are only three female acts in the Top 50: Annie Lennox (No. 34 with $43 million), Kate Bush (No. 38 with $30 million) and the Spice Girls (No. 42 — each member’s worth equals $24 million).

Britain’s Top 10 Wealthiest Rockers:

  • David Bowie – $917 million
  • Paul McCartney — $868 million
  • Tom Jones — $459 million
  • Phil Collins — $367 million
  • Elton John — $333 million
  • Mick Jagger — $225 million
  • Eric Clapton — $200 million
  • George Harrison — $175 million
  • Sting — $161 million
  • Keith Richards — $160 million

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