Bowie’s wishing tree

Fan Magazine

December 1974

Here he is Fan people, just for you Bowie’s branching out and telling all!

The most important wish I have is for the world to be in harmony. If people are without fear and have enough to eat, then there can be peace and happiness.

I’d love Angie to surprise me with a new stage outfit that she’s designed for me herself. And if she’s actually made it by hand, then it’d be all the more great.

Christmas would be wonderful if everyone played just one of my songs at their parties. That way I’d feel really a part of the festivities and merry-making.

I hope it’ll snow just as the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve. Then I’ll be able to build a snowman with Zows in the morning and go sledging with him.

It’d be fantastic to have all my friends with me for a few days holiday. It’s great to be surrounded by mates!

I long to roast chestnuts on the grate of a log fire. There’s nothing more delicious when it’s cold and windy outside.

When I look at the sky I’d love to see the stars stretch to eternity. I want the air to be crisp and icicles to hang from roofs.

Maybe I’ll fulfil my wish of dreaming in the future. I’d like to fall into a deep slumber and be taken into time unknown.

Perhaps a generous friend will give me an ankle-length furry coat. That’s something I’ve always wanted but have never bought for myself.

This Christmas I’m going to do my best to decorate the whole house with coloured lights. It’ll be a wonderland for Zows!

I’d really enjoy sitting with a stomach full of mince pies, watching an old Laurel and Hardy film. They always make me laugh.

At the same time as I’m enjoying my day, I’d like to watch my friends in Australia sitting on the beach. But unless it’s televised by satellite, that’s a bit impossible.

It’d be nice to send everyone a card that I’ve painted myself but I think it’d take years. Instead I’m going to think up a different and personal message for each one.

I’ll be excited to see how Zows and Angie will react to the presents I’ve bought them. I want to wrap them up in a totally original way and that’s going to need some imagination!

A present that would really please me would be a glass paper weight. There are some beautiful ones about, full of exotic flowers and tiny shells.

One big wish is that I won’t be spending my time in the recording studios. There’s a time for everything and Christmas is for families.

If it’s possible, I’d love to go for a short sail in a boat. I love the water but it’d have to be fairly calm. I think perhaps that my wish won’t come true!

Something simple I’d adore is a long knitted scarf to keep those freezing winds away from my neck. I like the ones with the long fringes.

I hope to start a completely new project about Christmas time. Something that I can get totally involved in for a couple of months. I’ve got the enthusiasm now for something new.


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