How Bowie and I had a Singalong

by Vinny Davies / Manchester Evening News

16th April 1998

AFTER filming scenes for a movie with pop icon David Bowie in the Isle Of Man, actor Vinny Davies tells me this picture with his superstar pal is just one prized memento he has of them working together.

“There is film of us singing a duet, but it doesn’t appear in the movie,” says Vinny, who worked with David earlier this year on Andrew Goth’s violently stylish Everybody Loves Sunshine, a thriller controversially based on Manchester’s Moss Side, and due to be premiered in London.

Vinny explains that, in between takes, he sang with David for the benefit of another film crew, who spent days shadowing the stars of the £2m movie.

“It was my idea to do a duet, and David happily went along with it, says Longsight-based Vinny, who tells me that in the film he helps the real-life pop star run a crime syndicate. “Everyone on the set thought I was a bit cheeky to ask David to sing with me, but it was a big surprise to everyone when he really got into it and enjoyed himself.”

Not as big a surprise as David’s questions during a break in filming. Says Vinny: “He suddenly started quizzing me about Blackburn, of all places, and wanted to know if it was still there.

“When I assured him it was, he explained that as a youngster he spent a few years in Blackburn with his grandparents and has very fond memories of the place.”

Obviously a good start for the person recently named by Business Age magazine as the richest man in British rock, with a personal fortune in excess of half a billion…


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