Private Files of the Stars

by John Sachs and Piers Morgan / Star Filez


REAL NAME: David Robert Jones

BORN: 8/1/47. Capricorn. Brixton, South London.

HEIGHT: 5ft. 10 inches

NICKNAME: I don’t have one.

SCHOOL: I was thrown out of the Stansfield Road Junior School choir for making too much noise–I was always singing and joking.

FIRST JOB: I was a commercial artist for 6 months after leaving at school. I had no interest in it at all. It was boring so I quit.

INTO THE BIZ: I was a saxophone player in a band called the Konrads, who hung around in Bromley. I wasn’t allowed to sing at first—they didn’t rate me!

FIRST PERFORMANCE: At Bromley Technical High School. I was incredibly nervous but it went ok.

MOST NERVE WRACKING EXPERIENCE: On a plane on the Glass Spider tour. The plane was called back as it was about to take off from Rome airport and everybody thought there was a bomb on board. It was only when we came to a halt that we discovered the real reason–the chief of police wanted my autograph! I was not so much annoyed as stunned—that could only happen in Italy!

GREATEST MOMENT: In Barcelona on 16 September 1990. That was the last time I played my best known songs in Europe. It was very emotional for me and the crowd knew that–they brought me back for seven encores. It was a fitting place to put Ziggy Stardust to rest.

BIGGEST COCK UP: Taking drugs. I went through hell when I was younger, mainly on cocaine and it was a total waste of time.

CAR: I have just one–a ten year old Volvo in Switzerland. I am not really into cars.

HOMES: My first home was in Brixton, South London. Now I have three–one in Lausanne, Switzerland, one in Mustique and one in Australia.

HOLIDAYS: Indonesia and Australia. I try to get to Bali once in a year–it’s a stunningly beautiful place.

FOOD: I am very keen on Japanese, Indonesian and Italian. My favorite restaurant is Sabatini in Rome.

DRINK: I love a very strong Italian coffee which I have flown in to wherever I am in the world.

MUSIC: My favorite bands at the moment would be the Oixies and Sonic Youth. But I will always love the Stones, the Beatles and Elvis.

FIRST RECORD: Little Richard with Lonely Girl

FAVE RECORD: Almost impossible Wild is the Wind by Nina Simone would have to be my choice.

FILMS: Brief Encounter for its Englishness and Mean Street for its Americaness.

HOBBIES: Art, painting and visiting museums. I reckon I’ve seen every major painting in the Western World. I go to art galleries in every town or city I play in. And I paint a lot. I’ve got a self portrait and one I did of Iggy Pop on my walls. I also love reading. On the last tour I had a special trunk for all my books. i can get through one a day when I’m going well.

ADMIRES: Montgomery Clift, Martin Scorsese

HATES: Ignorance

BEST FRIEND: Coco Schwab

FANCIES: In every city I drive past a stunningly beautiful girl and I never get to say Hello.

MOST FRIGHTENING MOMENT: it was during the filming of Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. I was buried up to my neck in sand on this beach in the South Sea Islands. They dug a hole underneath my body so there was plenty of air about but also attracted rats—all I could feel was these rodents biting at my feet. It was terrifying.And I remember driving in the outback of Australia, with my band Tin Machine when a huge spider landed on the steering wheel. I swerved all over the place in sheer fright. I never did find out what it was but there are some lethal ones out there.

WILDEST PARTY: The Serious Moonlight tour was a virtual non stop party especially when the Duran Duran boys turned up in Sydney–they were pretty wild guys then.

FIRST KISS: I can’t remember who she was but I was about 7 years old. It was pretty momentous as I recall!

FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE: It was unforgettable if only because I had to clamber out of the girl’s first floor bedroom window to avoid her parents. I would have been about 15, I think I got away with it though.


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