Everybody Loves Sunshine

Official Press Release / JAC Publicity & Marketing Consultants Ltd.

24th February 1998

     Principal photography started February 21 on Everybody Loves Sunshine, a hard-hitting gangland drama directed by newcomer Andrew Goth from his award-winning original screenplay. Starring drum & bass phenomenon Goldie and David Bowie (Basquiat, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence), the cast also includes Rachel Shelley (Photographing Fairies) and Clint Dyer (Shopping), with Goth himself playing one of the lead roles.

Everybody Loves Sunshine is produced by Joanne Reay. Goth’s script won the 1995 European Script Fund Award and the 1996 Carl Foreman/BAFTA award.

Set against a backdrop of Manchester’s club scene, Everybody Loves Sunshine is an explosive account of gang warfare, exploring the violent yet glamorous world of the G-men, with their sharp suits, gleaming guns and flashy cars. Feared but idolised, hated but respected, these gangsters will stop at nothing to have absolute control in their territory.

Warlords Terry (Goldie) and Ray (Andrew Goth) have been inside, and in their absence the rival Triads have grown stronger and more daring. When one of their number is brutally killed, the gang members, led by Bernie (David Bowie) want revenge and turn to Ray and Terry for direction. However, prison has changed Ray: he wants out of the gang in order to go legit. But Terry, driven by an obsession far beyond friendship, is determined to make sure that Ray never leaves…

IAC Holdings is co-financing the picture with the Isle of Man Film Commission and BV Film International. IAC is also handling international sales, with deals already in place in several major territories including Italy (Triumph), Benelux (RCV) and Scandinavia (BV Film). Everybody Loves Sunshine has also been sold in Brazil (Top Tape), Mexico (Gussi), Russia (Soyuz) and Malaysia (Sunny Films).

Drawing on the talents of the artists involved in the production, Sunshine will deliver a soundtrack album exploiting the film’s strong contemporary music and club links. The album will be an eclectic mix of music, including a number of original Goldie tracks written especially for the film.

Everybody Loves Sunshine will shoot for 5 weeks on location in Liverpool and the Isle of Man.


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