Station to Station Review


31st January 1976

Another good disco effort from Bowie, who seems to have found his musical niche following the success of “Fame” and now “golden Years.” Strong vocals and excellent production from the artist and Harry Maslin are the keys to the set. The lyrics don’t seem to mean a great deal, and the 10 minute title cut drags. But as a disco dance album, few faults can be found. Earl Slick’s guitars are superb throughout as he leads the instrumental charge. Bass and drums are typical disco. The material may not be as powerful as was the early Bowie, but the LP is indeed filled with infectious, quite commercial material that, in its way, is every bit as alive as anything Bowie has done. Certainly enough of the old Bowie here for the veteran fans and enough disco to attract a new group. On the whole, a successful venture. Best cuts: “Golden Years,” “Station To Station” (particularly the last half), “TVC 15.” Dealers: Artist set for first tour in two years in next month.


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  1. Eva-Maria Hamann

    Station To Station was live-changing for me. I saw him on Stage. I would not be the person I am without David Bowie.

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