Young Americans Review (1989 CD re-issue)

by Paul Du Noyer / Q Magazine


While David Bowie forges stubbornly on with his Tin Machine dream, EMI Records continue to re-package the back catalogue he toured around the world last year. The programme’s now at the mid-1970s, with CD issues (and bonus tracks) for two of his most cherishable albums. From ’75, Young Americans saw David Bowie abandon the mock-apocalyptic rock of his previous three LPs to climb aboard the Philadelphia soul train sound-Young Americans’ relentless plastic soul as David Bowie dubbed it, harnessed his writing to the feverish light funk which would, in a few years’ time, mutate into world-conquering disco. Especially welcome are the unfamiliar extras, Who Can I Be Now and It’s Gonna Be Me-like the current Bob Dylan box, they’re dazzling evidence of a writer so much on form that he could afford to reject material others would kill for.
Q Rating: *****


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