Review: Images 1966-1967


3rd March 1973

The game is known as bandwagon jumping. With Bowie’s name and fame fast spreading it was only natural that his first U.S. LP on Deram should be resurrected and surprise … nine never heard before cuts are successfully incorporated making this a must for collectors. Only fragmentary glimpses of what was to come can be gleaned upon first listening. Closer inspection heightens the clarity of his predestined present. He was known as Davy Jones then and his voice bore a close kinship to Anthony Newley’s but the songs, although bordering on the melodramatic, are all bloody marvelous! Best cuts: “The Laughing Gnome,” “London Boy,” “She’s Got My Medals,” “We Are Hungry Men.” Dealers: Just be sure to keep this album well stocked–the magic of the Bowie name will do the rest.


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  1. Eva-Maria Hamann

    commencing countdown – engines on!

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