Newsflash #7


today the new single ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ has been officially released. It is accompanied by a great video by Floria Sigismondi who has already worked with Bowie in 90s on the famous video for ‘Little Wonder’.

The new single is faster, louder and obviously rockier than its predecessor ‘Where Are We Now?’. Some might say it has Reality taste to it – I am still undecided. But go have a listen at it yourself:

Let me tell you, the single is not an easy find on itunes. You have to search for “The Stars Are Out Tonight David Bowie single”. Otherwise it won’t show up. Yes, it is really that complicated.

The single is not part of the album that you may have preordered in January. It is a one-off single release and shows the Egon Schiele puppet cover.

Enjoy the new song – and let me know what you think about it!


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