David Bowie always on a ‘burning mission’ to create art

by Grace Carroll / Gigwise

4th March 2013

David Bowie has always been on a ‘burning mission’ to create art – so his video director was surprised that he stayed away from music for so long.

The Next Day is set to be Bowie’s first original album in a decade, and video director Tony Oursler didn’t think that Bowie would have waited such a long time.

He told the Sunday Times’ Culture magazine, “As an artist, to work is to live. It’s a vocation, an avocation, a philosophy, a primal drive.

“And one of the things I always loved about David was that I could sense he was on this burning mission to make these cultural moments happen.”

Bowie had spent years away from the public, but Oursler was overjoyed to be a part of his comeback, saying, “I said, ‘Oh yeah, I can definitely clear a little time out of the schedule for that!’ It’s a wonderful thing to have been part of his re-entry in the world.”

However, fans hoping to hear The Next Day live might not be so lucky, as Bowie producer Tony Visconti has hinted that Bowie might not be touring.

He told Rolling Stone recently, “I spoke to him two days ago and he said, ‘I’m really adamant I’m not gonna do a tour’. And he said, ‘If I might, I might do one show’. But who knows when?”

It depends who fans want to listen to, as guitarist Gerry Leonard said the chances of the star touring are 50/50.

He said, “”A couple of times, when we played back one of the more kick-ass tunes from the new record, he’d be like, ‘This would be great live!’ Of course, everyone was like, ‘What? Did he just say that?’ But other times he’d just roll his eyes if someone brought up playing live.

“If he gets the bug in him to do it, it’ll happen. His voice is sounding great and he’s looking great, too. He could totally do it. You never know with David, though. I feel he might want to make another record before he plays shows. He’s being really prolific right now.”


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One response to “David Bowie always on a ‘burning mission’ to create art

  1. Eva-Maria Hamann

    If he tours, I’ll go to see him, and if it’s on the other side of earth (what probably might be, as I live in Asia)!

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