Bowie’s Killer New Album

Triple M

4th March 2013

We were lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive listening session for the new David Bowie album, and we can tell you Bowie fans will absolutely love it.

Hard to believe The Next Day is the rock legend’s first album since 2003’s Reality, but listening to the album from start-to-finish, it really is like he’s never been away.

“The Next Day”, which was the first single, opens the album and is not indicative of the rest of the album, which will please some because that track wasn’t exactly for everyone.

While lyrically challenging, what Bowie album isn’t?, it’s definitely an accessible album.

“It is vintage Bowie mixed with a few other influences,” said Triple M’s Becko. “Yep, this secretly recorded album has been a decade coming – but worth the wait.”

The Next Day is Bowie’s 30th album and was recorded over two years in total secrecy at an unknown location. Bowie did well to keep it a surprise, so much so that when the first single was announced it almost broke the internet.

“The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” is classic Bowie, especially when you here the chorus. “Where Are We Now?” is a contemplative ballad that picks up pace with soaring synth.

“If You Can See Me” is an avant garde rocker, while “Set The World On Fire” sounds like Bowie’s been listening to Jack White.

“Dancing Out In Space, with it’s new wave, punk feel, could be off one of the Iggy Pop albums he did in seventies. And “How Does The Grass Grow” is a great song featuring classic Bowie vocal and pumping basslines.

Overall, The Next Day is a grower and one you need to listen to in one go, from start to finish, to get the most out of it.

David Bowie, The Next Day is out March 8.


The Next Day
Dirty Boys
The Stars
Love Is Lost
Where Are We Now?
Valentine’s Day
If You Can See Me
I’d Rather Be High
Boss Of Me
Dancing Out In Space
How Does The Grass Grow?
(You Will) Set The World On Fire
You Feel So Lonely You Could Die
So She (Bonus Track)
Plan (Bonus Track)
I’ll Take You There (Bonus Track)

Pre-order The Next Day on iTunes now

Design Your Own Bowie Cover

David Bowie The Next Day

And what’s a new Bowie album without him doing something a little different.

Facebook users can now easily recreate the album cover and add “The Next Day” square to any of their Facebook photos with the click of a button. Simply click “Connect using Facebook”, select a photo and adjust the square to fit.

When you’re done, you can share to your wall or replace your current profile photo.

Check it out here:


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