David Bowie exhibition in London is a hit before it opens

by David Ng / Los Angeles Times

21st March 2013

It may not be on many art-world purists’ list of must-see exhibitions for the year, but the upcoming show devoted to rock star David Bowie at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum is proving to be a popular hit, with a reported 50,000 advance tickets sold.

“David Bowie is,” which features objects from the glam-rock singer’s personal archives, is set to open Saturday in London and will run through Aug. 11. The V&A Museum held a preview of the show for the media Wednesday and said that the exhibition has broken box-office records, according to a Reuters report.

The exhibition is curated by members of the V&A Museum staff, and will include more than 300 objects, including 60-plus stage costumes from his “Ziggy Stardust” period and other incarnations.

In what is no doubt a bit of promotional synergy, the museum show follows the recent release of Bowie’s new album “The Next Day.”

One questions that seems to be on people’s minds is whether or not Bowie himself will see the exhibition. The singer wasn’t involved in organizing the show.

The Telegraph quoted curator Victoria Broackes who said she remain hopeful the rock icon will attend.

“We don’t know of any plans he has to come to the exhibition,” she told the British newspaper. “But we know he visits lots of museums  and is very interested in museums, so I can’t help but feel he’s going to be interested in how we have told the story here, so I hope he will come.”


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One response to “David Bowie exhibition in London is a hit before it opens

  1. Eva-Maria Hamann

    I will travel to Europe!!!! To see David Bowie!

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