Newsflash #9 – Let’s Dance @ 30


one of David Bowie’s best-known and commercially most successful albums celebrates its 30th anniversary these days. Let’s Dance was released on 14th April 1983 after 3 years of relative silence from the Bowie camp since 1980’s Scary Monsters – though 1981’s hit single with Queen ‘Under Pressure’, 1982’s Baal EP and his leading role in the film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence were some exceptions. Despite of its huge success and a popular Serious Moonlight world tour to follow in mid-1983 Let’s Dance is often regarded as the beginning of Bowie’s artistic demise paving the way for his less liked 1980s dance and pop albums Tonight and Never Let Me Down which established Bowie as a mainstream superstar. However, in my opinion Let’s Dance remains today one of Bowie’s most underrated albums of his career. Next to the hit singles ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘China Girl’ and ‘Modern Love’ the album has some other classics such as ‘Ricochet’ and ‘Cat People’ (which was another single in 1982 prior to the album release). Even ‘Shake It’ isn’t that bad. For those who haven’t listened to it for a while: it’s worth a spin!

In honour of the album’s 30th birthday I will post here two current radio documentaries that discuss the record in full detail, i.e. with a track-by-track analysis). The Mixcloud documentary is especially good and detailed. Some of Bowie’s collaborators on that record are part of it, as well as noted Bowie author David Buckley.



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