Radio: Interview, USA (1972)


Full radio transcript:

(Quicksand plays…)

D.B.”From the ‘Hunky Dory’ album I like,er,I like Bewlay Brothers very much.
It’s personal.
I’m sure it doesn’t mean a thing to anybody else.
I suppose I inflicted myself on people with that track.”

Q. Was it a direct progression from the London Boys?

D.B . “Yes, it was “.
(The D.J. then rudely presses David for details about recent studio work)

D.B.”You know more about me than I care to know”.

Bewlay Brothers plays…

Q. Could you explain in a little more depth about the album that’s coming out?

D.B.”I’ll try very hard, it’s a,we really started it as a concept album and it kind of got broken up and because I found other songs I wanted to put on the album which wouldn’t have fitted into the story of Ziggy,so at the moment it’s a little bit fractured and fragmented.
I’m just having a cigarette.
What you have on that album when it does finally come out is a story which, doesn’t really take place.It’s just a few little scenes from the life of a band, called Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,who could feasably be the last band on Earth.
It could be the last five years of the,I’m not at all sure,because I wrote it in such a way that I just lost the numbers into the album in the order that they cropped up,and it,it depends which state you listen to it in.
I’ve had a number of meanings but I always do, once I’ve written an aIbum.
My interpretations of the numbers in that album is totally different afterwards from when I wrote them.
I learn a lot from my own albums about me”.

Five Years plays…

Q. What do you plan to do, I’d like to ask do you have some stuff recorded already?
Did you not just do a version of Amsterdam the Jacques Brel song?

D.B. “Mm yeah.”

Q. And a new version of Holy Holy?

D.B.”Where do you get your information from?”

Q. I have a friend who has a source of information.
And another version of Round and Round has that been dropped off Ziggy?

D.B.”They are all the things that are in the can.”

Q. Are there any more?

D.B.”Maybe and maybe not!”

Q. With Round and Round was that on Ziggy Stardust or was it dropped?

D.B.”It was dropped,quiet honestly.
Why was it dropped?
It’s hard to say.”

Q. Uh.Was it possibly inferior?

D.B.”Round and Round would have been the perfect kind of number Ziggy would have done on stage but,I think probably what happened is that a jam we jammed for Round and Round just for old time’s sake,in the studio and the enthusiasm of the jam probably waned after we’d heard the track a few times.
We replaced it with a thing called Starman.”

Q. That’s gonna be the single isn’t it?

D.B. “Yeah,they’re putting that out as a single. I don’t think it’s any great loss really ‘cos I’ve certainly, I certainly haven’t destroyed any of those tracks.I’ve kept them all.
I think we could put them out as another album or something, at a later date,’cause they never really got used.
You know, there’s a thing called Bombers which is a um,a kind of a skit on Neil Young.”

Q. Oh really?

D.B. “It’s quite funny!”

Q. Is it a single?

D.B. “Mmmm?”

Q. Is it a single or is it an album?

D.B .”Oh, no, what, Bombers?”

Q. Just one song?

D.B.” Oh, it’s just one song, we had.Now what else did we have?
Do you want to know of things that we had in the can that we never used?

Q. Sure I’d like to.

D.B.“He’s A Goldmine (laughs).
He’s A Goldmine is lovely!”

Q. Is that,a Neil Young thing too?

D.B. “No, that’s,that’s David Bowie (Laughs).
It’s a lovely tune,erm, that probably won’t crop up?
The lyrics are probably a bit provocative at the moment.
They’ll probably hold that back for a bit.”

Q. Is it a big change from Hunky Dory?

D.B.”Changes are probably inevitable cos it’s the first track on the previous album.”

Q . And Zowie?

D.B. (Laughs)”
He’s asleep at the moment.
I think he’ll be getting up tomorrow.
Well,maybe Friday! (laughs)
He sleeps a lot because he’s very young!”

Q. I heard that you wrote the song Kooks from the Hunky Dory album for him?
You said it embarrassed you now.
Is that true?

D.B. “Er, yeah!”

Yeah, I’ll tell you why,he’s older now!
I’d hate him to think that I felt like that then!(laughs).
I’ll write another one for him soon I think.
Yeah,I’ll judge it for,like four years.
I’ll write about him every four years.
That gives me three years to keep writing.
I’m not really embarrassed! (laughs).
I probably just said that.

I don’t believe anything I say!”

Kooks plays to fade…….


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