Louie, Louie Go Home


‘Louie, Louie Go Home’ – Single Version (1964)

Lyrics (Revere/Lindsay)

Well, I- well, I left my wife and child
[Louie, go back home]
Yeah, my conscience is about to drive me wild, yeah
[Louie, go back home]
A little voice inside my head goes on and on
[Louie, go back home]
It says "Louie, Louie, Louie
You better come back home"

Well I, well I thought "I make it by myself", yeah
[Louie, go back home]
Oh, but my baby, she's got my heart a-upon the shelve
[Louie, go back home]
Well I, well I can still hear her moaning
[Louie, go back home]
They're crying "Louie, Louie, Louie
You better go back home"

You better go back home, yeah
You better go back home, yeah
You better go back home
Oh yeah, you better go back home

You better go back a-ho a-ho a-home, a-home yeah yeah
Just a-go back a-home a-home a-home
Driving home, yeah, home

Just a little bit louder now
[Just a little bit louder]
Just a little bit louder now
[Just a little bit louder]
Just a little bit louder
[Just a little bit louder]
Well, I'm going home
[Just a little bit louder]
Well, I'm a-going home, yeah
Ooh, I'm a-gonna back, back, back, back, back to my home
Yeah home
Home sweet home
I'm a-gonna back home, ooh

I'm going home, yeah
I'm going home, yeah
I'm going home, yeah
I'm going home, yeah
Back to my baby
Back to where they need me

Liza Jane Single B

‘Louie, Louie Go Home’ was recorded during the same 7-hour session when ‘Liza Jane’ was recorded and was originally scheduled as the A-side of Bowie’s first single. It is a cover version of ‘Louie Go Home’ by Paul Revere & The Raiders, also released in 1964. Davie Jones & The King Bees surprisingly had the opportunity to be the first to get that brand new track – most likely via good business connections of their producer Leslie Conn.

At that time, The Raiders were fairly well known in the U.S., but they hadn’t made a name in the UK yet. The Raiders version itself, a New Orleans style R&B-piece, was some kind of cover of the commercially successful Kingsmen song ‘Louie Louie’ which entered the market shelves roughly around the same time. The Raiders version is based on the piano, and it works well in that way. Unfortunately, the same cannot necessarily be said about the King Bees version.


While the A-Side ‘Liza Jane’ can be stylistically rather attributed to the style of the Rolling Stones, the musical influence of ‘Louie, Louie Go Home’ seems to stem more from the Beatles. This also fits with the nature of the song, a question-and-answer piece – sometimes quiet, sometimes loud – adjusted at various points to shake up the listening audience.

But the Davie Jones and the King Bees planned that song without the piano, and it thus ‘Louie, Louie Go Home’ sounds somehow cumbersome – especially because of the screamy and somewhat fragile vocals of young Davie Jones whose lead vocals, in my opinion, somehow don’t manage to make the song effective.

Bowie King Bees 5



  • Vinyl Liza Jane (A-Side) / Louie, Louie Go Home (B-Side) 6/1964
  • CD Early On (1964-1966) 1991



  • Davie Jones (vocal, tenor sax)
  • George Underwood (rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocal)
  • Roger Bluck (lead guitar)
  • Dave Howard (bass)
  • Robert Allen (drums)
  • Produced by Leslie Conn

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