Little is known of this demo. According to Kevin Cann’s Any Day Now David and The Lower Third recorded a couple of demos on 25th July 1965 in order to use the days in between the their gigs. Along with the demos both David Bowie and Denis Taylor, the band’s guitarist, wrote two jingles for Youthquake, a promotion of Swinging London fashion in New York. ‘Puritan’ was one of those jingles. The title of the song, ‘Puritan’, stems from the sponsor of the Youthquake promotion. The structure, melody and perhaps lyrics are based on Terry Bolton’s song ‘It’s A Lie’. Terry Bolton was Taylor’s brother-in-law as he married his sister Jennifer. More importantly, he was a founding member of The Lower Third who was left the band prior to David’s arrival.

The recordings of this jingle are not known to have survived over the years.



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