Dear visitors of this site, Bowie fans and others,

welcome to my blog Exploring David Bowie.

As its title suggests, I want to go with you on a long but enjoyable expedition to explore one of the world’s greatest and most brilliant musicians and artists of the past 50 years. I have become really interested in the music and person David Bowie since mid-2010. But I knew his music since I was a child in the 8os (‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘China Girl’ were my two first Bowie songs I ever heard). Since mid-2012 I could not resist my interest anymore and just recently decided to start blogging about Bowie, his career, his songs, his influence.

It is my primary focus to explore Bowie’s musical creativity, be that in the form of a song-by-song analysis or a review of all of his albums from 1967 to today. The Bowie exploiration will also contain reviews/essays about his various creatives periods. Think of David Bowie from 1976-1979: the Berlin trilogy with its dark, experimental albums Low, Heroes and Lodger showed a different Bowie than for example a Bowie of the 80s, a period in which albums like Let’s Dance, Tonight and Never Let Me Down came out and presented us with a Bowie clinging onto typical commercial Pop & Dance superstardom. While on one hand each and every known Bowie song will be analysed (what do ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and ‘Hallo Spaceboy’ have in common?) we will also look at his albums as a complete piece of art rather than a collection songs (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, for example, was one of the first real concept albums; his first album, David Bowie, a potpourri of different musical influences). We will discovermany different Bowies and music styles. For example, compare “Crazy Uncle Bowie” during his drum & bass period of Earthling in the mid-90s – goatee, red punky hair and darkly painted eyelashes, wearing a god-of-the-underworld costume – with David Bowie, the long-haired hippie during the late 60s when Space Oddity and The Man Who Sold The World entered the market shelves – flowers in his hair, a fag in his mouth, pure flower-power.

In other words: I will try to make an analysis as complete as possible. The blog title Exploring David Bowie actually entails looking at all things Bowie.

As this might already sound like an ambitious plan, if you want to uncover Bowie in detail, then you have to deal with the person of David Bowie, his biography and his environment. Since my head starts to explode at the face of this gigantic project, I need to let you know the following:

I doing this blog only during my free time, so I have to apologize that I will be most likely not able to make new posts on a daily basis as they need to be really researched properly. There will probably be one or the other reader who will not be completely satisfied with my entries (in addition to my objectively researched analysis I will also give my own opinion about every song). I’m curious to see how you will react to this blog. I am definitely looking forward to each comment, and to all suggestions, recommendations and additions in particular. I am writing this blog only in my free time, but I am doing it with passion and out of pure interest in Bowie and his music.

Alright, let our journey begin …

5 responses to “About

  1. horatio

    uh, you do know about the blog Pushing Ahead of the Dame, right?

    • Of course, I know this superb blog. More than once has O’Leary influenced my writings that’s for sure.
      However, I still feel I can add something more to the song coverage. And by the way – though its not obvious yet on my blog – I am trying to include further analyses of all things Bowie – in the form TV appearances, Music videos, Tour analyses, essay about his life and what not.
      So stop by if you like. There will be so much more to come on this blog.

      • I for one welcome your fresh perspective. Since there are about 30+ biographies about the man I think there’s room for more than one analysis on the Internet. Especially since you’ve already commented on things that O’Leary has chosen not to mention.

  2. Hey, I’d love to contact you about writing something for you, but can’t find any contact details. Send me an email if you’re happy for me to get in touch 🙂

  3. Hi Amy, sorry for my late reply – May is a very busy month for me. Why don’t you write me a message via Twitter (see contact details on the main page)?
    Kind regards

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