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Newsflash #10


there will be a new book about Bowie. I have been asked to post the following:


April 2013

David Bowie
The Man Who Changed The World

In his new book “David Bowie: The Man Who Changed The World”, author Wim Hendrikse – a Bowie-fan from the beginning – has succeeded in sketching a reliable and, in particular, up-to-date outline of the life of David Bowie, King of Glitter Rock and trendsetter of the seventies. It is the most complete, best researched and best balanced book about David Bowie that has ever been written.
In this biography Wim Hendrikse delves into the amazing life and career of the glam rock superstar. Bowie’s life and career are characterized by drugs, sex, very high peaks, deep lows and the exploitation of his androgynous looks. As a song writer, singer, actor, performer and as an artist Bowie is regarded as one of the most influential pop musicians ever. He is best known for his bizarre and decadent bisexual behaviour.

Author: Wim Hendrikse
Book Size: Paperback 6.69 x 9.61” (244 x 170mm) (Pinched Crown). Pages: 449. ISBN: 9780755215515.
UK: £17.99, USA: $26,95.
E-Book: £7.99

Available to be ordered through all good book shops in the UK, USA, Australia as well as internet book shops such as Authors On Line (, Amazon (, Barnes & Noble, Tesco etc.

For signed copies (euro 25.– excluding postage) contact the writer:
Postage to Holland: euro 2.70. Rest of Europe: euro 9.00. rest of the World: euro 12.35.

About the Author
In 2005 Wim Hendrikse wrote the critically acclaimed encyclopaedias “Never Get Old. David Bowie: Man of Ch-Ch-Changes Part 1” and “Part 2.” Among collectors and fans of Bowie’s material they are considered indispensable works. Wim Hendrikse is often contacted by the media as an expert on Bowie’s life and music. From 2004 to 2013 Hendrikse has published 9 books.

Check out the other books by Wim Hendrikse “Never Get Old. David Bowie: Man of Ch-Ch-Changes Part 1” and “Part 2.” They are definitely worth a look. They are a work of love.

Sorry for my rare posts -> the weather has been just too nice.

Best wishes y’all!


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Newsflash #9 – Let’s Dance @ 30


one of David Bowie’s best-known and commercially most successful albums celebrates its 30th anniversary these days. Let’s Dance was released on 14th April 1983 after 3 years of relative silence from the Bowie camp since 1980’s Scary Monsters – though 1981’s hit single with Queen ‘Under Pressure’, 1982’s Baal EP and his leading role in the film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence were some exceptions. Despite of its huge success and a popular Serious Moonlight world tour to follow in mid-1983 Let’s Dance is often regarded as the beginning of Bowie’s artistic demise paving the way for his less liked 1980s dance and pop albums Tonight and Never Let Me Down which established Bowie as a mainstream superstar. However, in my opinion Let’s Dance remains today one of Bowie’s most underrated albums of his career. Next to the hit singles ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘China Girl’ and ‘Modern Love’ the album has some other classics such as ‘Ricochet’ and ‘Cat People’ (which was another single in 1982 prior to the album release). Even ‘Shake It’ isn’t that bad. For those who haven’t listened to it for a while: it’s worth a spin!

In honour of the album’s 30th birthday I will post here two current radio documentaries that discuss the record in full detail, i.e. with a track-by-track analysis). The Mixcloud documentary is especially good and detailed. Some of Bowie’s collaborators on that record are part of it, as well as noted Bowie author David Buckley.


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Newsflash #8 – The Next Day is today!

Folks in Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey,

if you haven’t preordered David Bowie’s new album The Next Day yet, go to a record store nearest to you and grab a copy of the Deluxe Edition of this superb collection of simply great songs. As of today, the new album is on the shelves of every record-selling store in the above-mentioned countries.

Last week I could’t resist listening to the free itunes online stream of the album. And I can tell you that there is not one song of the 14 song tracklist on this record that I don’t like. They are all very Bowie-ish and many of them sound simply phenomenal while showing great melodies. I haven’t yet listened to the three bonus tracks.

Meanwhile, The Next Day went straight to #1 on itunes in almost every country it was released today:

Austria #1

Australia #1

Belgium #1

Czech Republic #5

Finland #1

Germany #1

Ireland #1

Netherlands #1

New Zealand #1

Sweden #1

Switzerland #1

Turkey #1

What are your thoughts on the new album?

What is your favourite track? Which ones did you not like?

I would like to hear your thoughts.


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Newsflash #7


today the new single ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ has been officially released. It is accompanied by a great video by Floria Sigismondi who has already worked with Bowie in 90s on the famous video for ‘Little Wonder’.

The new single is faster, louder and obviously rockier than its predecessor ‘Where Are We Now?’. Some might say it has Reality taste to it – I am still undecided. But go have a listen at it yourself:

Let me tell you, the single is not an easy find on itunes. You have to search for “The Stars Are Out Tonight David Bowie single”. Otherwise it won’t show up. Yes, it is really that complicated.

The single is not part of the album that you may have preordered in January. It is a one-off single release and shows the Egon Schiele puppet cover.

Enjoy the new song – and let me know what you think about it!

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Newsflash #6


over the last weeks I’ve uploaded over 600 articles, from 1960 to 2013. There are of course many many more articles out there, but I’ve decided to give it a rest for now and return to analysing songs from Bowie’s back catalogue again. Of course, I’ll try to keep you updated on all things surrounding the release of the new album. By the way, don’t forget to download Bowie’s new single ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ which will be made availabe via iTunes on the 26th of February.

Concerning the song analyses I’m picking up from where I’ve left it off. Hence, next one in line will be 1966’s B-side ‘Good Morning Girl’ to the single ‘Do Anything You Say’. I’m still aiming to have all the pre-1967-album singles/songs covered before The Next Day comes out on 8th March (at least here in Germany).

Meanwhile, if you want to read up on what songs I’ve covered before take a look at the Music section of Exploring David Bowie.

Stay tuned for more. These are exciting times for Bowie fans.

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Newsflash #5 – References


yesterday I posted a whole bunch of press articles related to David Bowie ranging from 1960 to 1970. Some may wonder where I got them from. I may have had the easiest time finding all these articles, but one man did in fact put all the effort into typing these old articles. Hence, I need to emphasise one important thing here:

Neither do I own any of the original (printed) press articles nor did I type them word by word from any other site. No, in fact I did simply copy and paste them from this wonderful website (which many of you know I am sure):

Mr. Paul Kinder, the creator of BowieWonderworld, did in fact type these articles word by word a long time ago. So, while you may think “Nice, how did the guy from Exploring David Bowie dig out all these dusty articles?” please be aware that all the credit concerning press articles is due to Mr. Kinder from BowieWonderworld. I put these articles on my website to have sort of a complete archive of information.

Some more words on references:

Maybe some of you are wondering where I am getting all the information from when I write about the songs and Bowie’s Radio/TV appearances (there haven’t been many of those essays yet, but there will be more soon).

I own more than 20 books about David Bowie, from biographies (Trynka, Buckley, Spitz etc) over diverse accounts about Bowie (Visconti, Angie Bowie, Thompson etc.) to the most random and fascinating books (Mick Rock, Welch, Doggett, etc.). The list goes on.

In addition to the books mentioned above, I am reading magazines and I am also up-to-date with the many superb Bowie websites on the net. Next to the incredible depths of BowieWonderworld I am also following other fan sites such as Teenage Wildlife and the German-language as well as more specialised sites such as Golden Years, The Ziggy Stardust Companion and Young Americans. Moreover, I use the discography/bootleg sites Illustrated DB Discography, Bassman’s Bowie Page and many many others.

Last but not least, one of the most fascinating best-written blogs about Bowie is Pushing Ahead Of The Dame which, of course, I have known before I started my blog. It is in large parts due to Mr. O’Leary that I found out that it is possible to put all the creative thoughts one has about Bowie into a good form.

I will soon add a complete reference page to this site with links to Amazon or to the websites.

That’s all for today.

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Newsflash #4


there`s quite a momentum now about Bowie’s return. I’ve listened to the new song ‘Where Are We now?’ numerous times, and it’s really good. The first listening was kind of weird as you didn’t really know where this song was heading, but then already for the second time, and again and again, it became so much clearer that this song is quite a nice and quiet build-up to what is promising to be a very good (apparently rockier) album, The Next Day (out on 8 March in Australia, 11 March anywhere except the US and 12 March in the US).

I am hugely excited about the new release (of course, I already pre-ordered it). There is so much discussion going on about what the album might be like. It feels like still a long time till March. But in the meantime, I think there`ll be a few delicate surprises or announcements on the new

Will the master himself speak again?

Will there be interviews?

Will he tour again?

Will there be more albums to come?

According to David Buckley, author of Strange Fascination (a superb Bowie biography), – who seems to have talked to producer Tony Visconti and guitarist Earl Slick – we will be surprised about what is to come this year. He said it’ll be 1983 all over again (the release of Let`s Dance after almost 3 years of relative silence and the start of the huge Serious Moonlight World Tour).

All these news have of course renewed my enthusiasm to write this blog till the (open) end. Check back soon. My plan this weekend and the next week is to finish up the remaining 1966 Pye Singles ‘Do Anything You Say’, ‘I Dig Everything’ and ‘Rubber Band’. Oh, and there’s a song called ‘Over The Wall We Go’ which David demoed in 1965, I mentioned it earlier on some song analyses. It’ll be covered soon as well.

And then, well, we will be dealing with David’s first album.

Exciting times again, folks.

Stay tuned for more.

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